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Mountain City is a city in Hays County, Texas, United States. The population was 648 at the 2010 census. From the early 1850s to the 1880s, Mountain City was a sprawling community on former Stagecoach Road that served as a major center for the ranching and grist industries. Agriculture of the newly formed Hays County. The original hill town was close to the modern town of the same name, but extended from the White River around present-day Kyle to Manchaca Springs northeast of present-day Buda. Early settlers, such as Chattanooga native Phillip Allen and his family, arrived in Mountain City around the time of the Texas Revolution of 1835-1836. Allen had acquired over 4,600 acres (19 km2) of land in what later became northern Hays County. by the Ben Milam Colony Scholarship of the Republic of Texas. But the Native Americans in the area fought to keep control of their ancestral lands and drove out the settlers. Allen left to campaign against Mexico for Texas independence. After the Texas Rangers enlisted to hunt Indians in 1846, Allen and his family were able to settle on their land. When Hays County was incorporated two years later, Allen became one of the first commissioners and was active in local politics until his death in 1860. Another early family was the Buntons. Born in Tennessee, John Wheeler Bunton moved to Texas in the early 1830s, signed the Texas Declaration of Independence, and served in the first Texas Legislature. Soon after the Texas Revolution, Bunton returned to Tennessee to marry her lover, bringing a party of 140 settlers with him to the new frontier. But while traveling from New Orleans to Texas on a steamer, their ship was hijacked by a Mexican warship and the group was imprisoned in Mexico City for three days. According to historical tradition, Bunton's sweet wife, Mary Howell Bunton, convinced her captors that they were American citizens legally entering Texas under the Colonization Act granted by Mexico to Stephen F. Austin. Upon their release, the Buntons traveled to Mountain City, where they built their own 'Rambolette Ranch' and began farming and raising a family. Other early settlers included such families as the Vaughans, Bartons, Barbers, Porters, Moores, Rectors and Turners. Texas' population began to grow rapidly in the 1850s, and Mountain City was no exception. In the 1850s, the small farming and ranching community began to flourish with schools, churches, shops, mills and gins. In 1855, the community built its first school, Live Oak Academy, with Professor Gibson as its first teacher, followed by John Edgar. There were also schools and small shopping centers in the satellite communities of Elm Grove and Science Hall, near the newly built schools of the same name. In 1855, the first place of worship, Cumberland Presbyterian Church, was established. The Baptist and Methodist churches followed in the 1870s. With the churches came Bar Chicago at the south end of Mountain City near where Wallace High School stands today. Colonel WW Haupt, who arrived in Mountain City in 1857, set up shop on the site of what is now Hays High School, which became the Mountain City Post Office. he also acted as postmaster. Two other large companies, run by Mr. Schmidt and Mr. Barber, were a mile north. During the Civil War, the population grew, and many of Mountain City's young men served in the 32nd Cavalry Regiment under the command of Colonel P.C. Woods and Captain J.G. History. But like small towns in the 1940s that suffered from freeway bypasses, Mountain City's fate hinged on whether the railroad reached the city. For remote communities that relied on the slow stagecoach line to communicate with the world at large, the railroad truly changed lives, providing postal services, commerce, and connections to the bustling cities of Austin and San Antonio. The battle over a warehouse was fierce, and State Senator Fergus Kyle's family, who live in the Blanco River area south of Mountain City, had the political ties to run railroad tracks through their corner of the country and break out east of Mountain City. . The Kyle family donated 200 acres (0.81 km2) to the International-Great Northern Railroad, securing their place in history as founders of a town that would bear their name. From then on, Mountain City's days were numbered. In the early 1880s, as the fledgling railroad towns of Buda and Kyle came to life, Mountain City residents began to immigrate. Mountain City dried up quickly. In the early 1930s the local schools merged, the only indication that the area had ever been the regional center of commerce. In 1990, Mountain City had a population of 377, and the 2000 census increased that number to 671. According to census estimates, the population is now over 700.

Here are the Mountain City Tx Charities accept Donations.

American Council Of Blind Charity (ACB)

501(C)(3) Organization. EIN: 58-0914436

The American Council of Blind charity (ACB) helps with people who are blind and low vision. Inspires community, and connects them with education, resources and each other to support the independence. It's an 501(C)(3) Non-Profitable Organization registered.

American Council Of Blind Charity (ACB) you can donate in Mountain City tx

Patriotic Hearts

501(C)(3) Organization. EIN: 20-8599179

American veterans needs your support after they return back to the USA. With your donations, we help them to get jobs, and other resources needed for them. We are an 501(C)(3) Non-profitable Organization registered in the USA.

American veterans you can donate to in you can donate in Mountain City tx

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Car donation Charity in Mountain City - For American Veteran & American Council Of Blind Charity (ACB)

Now you can donate your car for the charities in your Mountain City and get a tax write-off for your donation.. Here is a chance to donate the car even if the car doesn't works. It's a good opportunity to clear off the space in your parking area.

We are supporting two charities in Mountain City One is for the Br organization, and the other charity that support American Veterans who returned back to USA from War.

Both Charities we have audited are 501(C)(3) non profit organization.

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Junk Car Write-Off For Charity in Mountain City - For American Veterans & American Council Of Blind Charity (ACB)

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The latitude of Mountain City, TX, USA is 30.04000; -97.89083 and the longitude is .Mountain City, TX, USA is located at United States country.

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