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Aladdin is a 30-acre village in eastern Crook County, Wyoming, USA, at the intersection of Wyoming Routes 24 and 111, 20 miles northeast of Sundance, the county seat. Its elevation is 3,688 feet (1,124 m). Although Aladdin is unincorporated, there is a post office there with a zip code of 82710; The Post Office is in the town general store, which was established in 1896 and serves as the commissary for coal miners working at Aladdin Coal Tipple, about a mile up the road, where the coal was mined until 1942. In July 2014, the Brangle family, who own the village, announced it was for sale. The $1.5 million prize included the two-story former general store, saloon, four-bedroom single-family home, and municipal trailer park (excluding RVs). After the city failed to meet the asking price, Rick Bragle decided to put the city up for auction. An auction was held on June 2, 2017, but the deal fell through. In June 2019, the town was sold to local rancher and Aladdin native Trent Tope, who has since added additional toilet facilities and a 26-foot bar. Public education for the small community of Aladdin is provided by Crook County School District #1. According to local lore and the prominent sign outside the general store, 15 people live in Aladdin. That's less than the flagship colliery, which employed 200 people. According to the Kppen climate classification, Aladdin has a semi-arid climate.

Here are the Aladdin Wy Charities accept Donations.

American Council Of Blind Charity (ACB)

501(C)(3) Organization. EIN: 13-3727250.

The American Council of Blind charity (ACB) helps with people who are blind and low vision. Inspires community, and connects them with education, resources and each other to support the independence. It's an 501(C)(3) Non-Profitable Organization registered.

American Council Of Blind Charity (ACB) you can donate in Aladdin wy

Patriotic Hearts

501(C)(3) Organization. EIN: 20-8599179

American veterans needs your support after they return back to the USA. With your donations, we help them to get jobs, and other resources needed for them. We are an 501(C)(3) Non-profitable Organization registered in the USA.

American veterans you can donate to in you can donate in Aladdin wy

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