Best Charities To Donate To in Clark WY With Tax Deductions.

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Clark is a community approximately 50 km north of Cody on Wyoming Highway 120 in Park County, Wyoming, United States. Clark is unincorporated and does not have its own central 'municipality seat' or community services. It is part of the Powell zip code, approximately 30 miles away, but has no official connection to Powell other than the school district. Clark is an unincorporated community with close ties among its approximately 300 full-time residents (who share approximately 50 square miles (130 km2) of land). Residents are a mix of farmers (irrigation water from local streams and rivers), ranchers and retirees who flock to the area for the quiet and relaxed atmosphere. Otherwise, those who work often have jobs in Powell or Cody. There is one elementary school in Clark that is part of Park County School District #1 in Powell, but most middle and high school students ride the bus to Powell and the rest to Belfry, Montana. Clark borders Shoshone National Forest, as well as BLM and state-managed lands, making it a prime area for the outdoor enthusiast. Winters are moderately mild, with an average elevation of about 1,400 m (4,500 ft). The area consists of semi-arid sagebrush plains with little rainfall or snowfall, averaging less than 10 inches per year, as the surrounding mountains absorb much of the moisture from the atmosphere. Because of the milder temperatures, relatively little snow, abundant sunshine, and game, it was a wintering ground for Native American tribes in the 19th century. There are teepee rings in the area.

Here are the Clark Wy Charities accept Donations.

American Council Of Blind Charity (ACB)

501(C)(3) Organization. EIN: 13-3727250.

The American Council of Blind charity (ACB) helps with people who are blind and low vision. Inspires community, and connects them with education, resources and each other to support the independence. It's an 501(C)(3) Non-Profitable Organization registered.

American Council Of Blind Charity (ACB) you can donate in Clark wy

Patriotic Hearts

501(C)(3) Organization. EIN: 20-8599179

American veterans needs your support after they return back to the USA. With your donations, we help them to get jobs, and other resources needed for them. We are an 501(C)(3) Non-profitable Organization registered in the USA.

American veterans you can donate to in you can donate in Clark wy

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