What to Know Before Donating to A Charity in Delaware?

Delaware (/ˈdɛləwɛər/ DEL-ə-wair) is a state in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States, bordered by Maryland to the south and west; Pennsylvania to the north; and New Jersey and the Atlantic Ocean to the east. The state is named after the adjacent Delaware Bay, which in turn is named after Thomas West, 3rd Baron de la Warr, an English nobleman and Virginia's first colonial governor. Delaware occupies the northeastern part of the Delmarva Peninsula and some islands and territories in the Delaware River. It is the second smallest and sixth most populous state, but also the sixth largest state. The largest city in Delaware is Wilmington, while the state capital is Dover, the second largest city in the state. The state is divided into three counties, which have the fewest counties of any state. From north to south they are New Castle County, Kent County and Sussex County. While the two southern counties have historically been primarily agricultural, New Castle is more urbanized and is part of the Delaware Valley Metropolitan Statistical Area with a focus on Philadelphia. Although the Census Bureau classifies Delaware in the Southern United States, its geography, culture, and history combine elements of the country's Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions. Before Europeans explored the coast in the 16th century, Delaware was inhabited by various groups of Native Americans, including the Lenape to the north and the Nanticoke to the south. It was first settled in 1631 by Dutch traders at Zwaanendael, near present-day Lewes. Delaware was one of thirteen colonies that participated in the American Revolution. On December 7, 1787, Delaware became the first state to ratify the US Constitution and has been known as the first state ever since. Since the early 20th century, Delaware has also been a de facto corporate haven on the mainland, as the state is home to more than half of all publicly traded companies on the NYSE and more than three-fifths of the NYSE Fortune 500. under its corporate structure. statutes

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