What to Know Before Donating to A Charity in Maine?

Maine (/meɪn/) is a state in the New England and Northeastern regions of the United States. It borders New Hampshire to the west, the Gulf of Maine to the southeast, and the Canadian provinces of New Brunswick and Quebec to the northeast and northwest, respectively. Maine is the largest New England state by area, 12th smallest, 9th largest, 13th least populous, and most rural of the 50 U.S. states. It is also the northernmost state in the U.S. contiguous, the northernmost state east of the Great Lakes, the only state with a monosyllabic name, and the only state contiguous with another state in the United States. About half of Maine's area lies on either side of the 45th parallel north. The most populous city in Maine is Portland, while the capital is Augusta. Maine is traditionally known for its rugged, rocky Atlantic Ocean and bay shores. smooth-edged mountains; heavily wooded interior; scenic waterways; and its wild blueberries and shellfish, especially lobsters and clams. Coastal and eastern Maine have become major hubs for the creative industries, particularly around Portland, which is also driving gentrification. The Maine area was inhabited by Aboriginal people for thousands of years after the glaciers retreated during the last ice age. At the time the Europeans arrived, the region was governed by several Algonquian-speaking nations, now known as the Wabanaki Confederacy. The first European settlement in the region was established by the French on Île Sainte-Croix in 1604 and established by Pierre Dugua, Sieur de Mons. The first English settlement was the short-lived Popham Colony, founded in 1607 by the Plymouth Company. Several English settlements were established along the coast of Maine in the 1620s, although harsh weather and conflict with native peoples led to many such settlements. to fail. By the time Maine entered the 18th century, only a half dozen European colonies had survived. During the American Revolution, Loyalist and Patriotic forces fought over Maine Territory. During the War of 1812, British forces occupied the largely undefended eastern region of Maine with the goal of annexing it to Canada through the colony of New Ireland, but returned after the failure of British offensives in the north, center and in the United States. Southern and Atlantic borders resulting in a peace treaty that restored pre-war borders. Maine was part of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts until 1820, when it split from Massachusetts to become its own state. On March 15, 1820, it became the 23rd state to join the Union as part of the Missouri Compromise.

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