What to Know Before Donating to A Charity in Montana?

Montana (/mɒnˈtænə/) is a state in the Mountain West Division of the Western United States. It borders Idaho to the west, North Dakota and South Dakota to the east, Wyoming to the south, and the Canadian provinces of Alberta, British Columbia and Saskatchewan to the north. It is the fourth largest state by land area, the eighth largest state, and the third largest state. The state capital is Helena. The western half of Montana contains numerous mountain ranges, while the eastern half is dominated by western prairies and badlands, with smaller mountain ranges throughout the state. Montana doesn't have an official nickname, but it has several unofficial nicknames, including Big Sky Country, The Treasure State, Land of the Shining Mountains, and The Last Best Place. The economy is mainly based on agriculture, including animal husbandry and cultivation. Other major economic resources include oil, gas, coal, mining and timber. The healthcare, service, and government sectors are also important to the state's economy. Montana's fastest growing industry is tourism. Each year, 12.6 million tourists (as of 2019) visit the state.

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